Monday 27 February 2012

Last week we played 2 games to get to know the boys at the Arab Institute a little better. It Would be interesting to see how the game would work in Acland Burghley school.
First of all we asked the boys "if you were stuck on a desert island for the rest of your life what 1 object would you bring with you"
After a first round of answers that were almost exclusively items like 'a boat'  or 'a helicopter' to get off the island, we felt the boys somewhat missed the point of the game. When we triend for the second time we got some fantastic answers.
These Included
A picture of my family
A prayer rug
My Donkey
A Koran
A telephone to speak to my friends and family
My best friend
A horse
Fresh Water
Food (specifically a giant maqluba)
A treehouse

We also asked them to come up with a box, with items inside that represented Palestine that could be sent to Acland Burghley school that would help them understand Palestine and the lives of the boys 
Again the boys came up with a great collection of things. Between the groups of Boys that undertook the exercise they said they would send
A picture of Al Aqsa mosque- To show the importance of religion to Palestinians
A photocopy of an ID card- To show that they live under occupation
A film of the checkpoints. To show what they must to to move around their country
Traditional folklore songs- To tell the histroy of palestine and its people
Palestinian traditional dress- To show traditional culture and customs of Palestine
Palestinian glass and pottery from Hebron- To show the skill of Palestinian craftsmen
Palestinian Olive Oil- Because Olive oil is very important to the diet and economy of Palestine
A broken Leaf from an Olive Tree- To represent how many olive trees have been destroyed or stolen by the occupation
Videos of Dabkeh (traditional Palestinian Dance)- Because it is part of their identity as Palestinians
Degree Transcript- To show how well educated people in Palestine are, despite not having any work
Maqluba- Traditional Palestinian dish, to show what Palestinians eat

What would the students at Acland Burghley send to Palestine?

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