Sunday 6 May 2012

Introducing Acland Burghley

Today, I introduced the grade 7s and Grade 9s to their special twinning with Acland Burghley.

First, we started by looking at a prospectus of the school and identifiying the similarities and differences the two schools had. The children were all very enthusiastic about how to proceed with the twinning and we began to formulate ideas on writing opening letters to scan and send to the students of Acland Burghley. In this, we plan to introduce ourselves, thank the students for the twinning and maybe talk about the student experiences. The older students are also going to think off interesting ways to introduce the letter such as an Acrostic poem.

Grade 7 hard at work deciding what to put in their letters

For homework, the aim is to bring in a picture that captures the most important thing to them. Let's see what happens next lesson when we type up the letters!

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  1. Good luck to all of you - in two great schools :)