Tuesday 20 November 2012

How 9th Grade Students in The Arab Institute Celebrated Eid

Over the last couple of weeks the 9th grade at The Arab Institute have been working on a paragraph to send to students at Acland Burghley describing how they celebrated the Eid holiday at the end of October. The students got up to a variety of activities including praying at the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem and visiting their relatives in various cities and towns across the West Bank. Here are a couple of examples below:

My name is Murad Waleed.  I am 14 years old and I am from Jerusalem . I go to school at the Arab Institute.

On the first day of eid , I woke up then went to pray . After that I visited my family and my neighbours.

On the second day my family and I started picking the olive trees .We have 16 olive trees so it took us three days to finish picking them.

My name is Mo'ayad Srour, I am 14 years old, and I am in the 9th  grade. I am from eastern Jerusalem in a town called Sawaherha. I study in the Arab Institute school. On the Eid holiday I did so many interesting things. First I woke up early, second I wore my Eid's clothes, then I went to the Eid prayers. After that I got back to home, I played with my cousins and friends, and we sacrificed a sheep which is a ritual action in Islam to get closer to Allah. The Eid was very beautiful and I did very interesting things during it.

Mo'ayad Ameen Mohammad Srour.   

We are sending the rest to Ehab, who is a CADFA volunteer at The Arab Institute, so that the 9th grade’s work can be shared with students at Acland Burghley school.

We are now helping each of the students to write about their home town which includes places like Abu Dis, Azaria and Sheikh Sar. The students have already been working hard on writing about their home town so that students can learn a little bit more about the towns that students at The Arab Institute come from and they are hoping to be able to send them over to you soon. 

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