Monday 4 March 2013

Grade 9 Topics

Over the last few weeks the Grade 9's have been working on some interesting topics covering sport and people they admire.

In our sessions about sport we have discussed issues regarding racism in sport and women in sport, and gave them articles to look at. In the follow up sessions we told them about what it was like to have the Olympic games in London and asked them to imagine what it would be like if the Olympic games were held in Palestine. They came up with lists of positive and negative ideas and debated whether it would be a good or bad thing. Here are some of their ideas:

People would come and learn about the Palestinian culture.
It is very expensive to organise
People would come and take photographs of our country.
People’s homes may be destroyed in order to build the Olympic stadium. They may have to move.
We would learn about other people’s cultures because people from around the world would come here
In Palestine there isn’t the transport to support that many people.
It would be very exciting.
There is not enough hotels to accommodate people.
It would improve the Palestinian economy.
Everywhere would be really noisy
It would bring different sporting events to Palestine.
There may be fighting in the streets or chaos between fans.
We would get to see famous people.
Empty shopping centres, people not going to the shops.
Disabled people have the chance to compete.
Not everyone can get tickets to go to the Olympics, it is expensive.

Following from this they produced some creative writing about someone they admire. Many wrote about their favourite football player, Cristiano Ronaldo came top! But others wrote about singers, like Adele or actors and actresses. Some wrote about family members they admire, and our favourite was one of the students who wrote about their Mum.

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