Wednesday 29 May 2013

Maps of Abu Dis

In the short amount of time we had with grade 8 we tried to do as many activities as possible. In one of our sessions we thought it would be a good idea to ask the boys to draw up maps of where they live, and their school, to show the students in Achland Burhley. We began the lesson by asking the class all about maps and what they are used for and what important landmarks might be on a map. The boys worked in pairs and produced some beautiful maps. Both classes took to the activity very well and seemed eager to present their hometowns.. 

It would be great if Acland Burley could draw some maps of Camden so that we could show the boys in Arab Insitute. This would be a great way of strengthening twinning knowledge. 

We hope to bring the maps to Acland Burley when we get back to London! 

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