Monday 8 July 2013

Our time in your school

Hello, we are Ahmad and Yousef from the Arab Insitute School in Abu  Dis. 

We visited your school Acland Burghley on Friday last week and we love it because it is very different and beautiful. 

We went to different classes. In the first class we spoke about Palestine  and then we went to a dance class and we learned some things. Finally we went to a cooking class and we made pancakes and ate them.  They were delicious.

The school is different from our school because it has boys and girls and also it is very big. The children to from one class to another. In our school, the teachers go between the classes not the children. The time in school is more. In Palestine we have six hours in school and a break of twenty minutes. In London thy have eight hours and a lot of break. Also they make food in the school in London but in Palestine they don't do this. They learn more subjects in London like dance, music and drama, and cooking. But in Palestine we don't. In London the children have lockers to keep their things in, we don't.

Another thing is that the summer holiday in London is six weeks and in Palestine it is three months.

We liked everything in your school. Thank you for having us. Please stay in touch.

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