Wednesday 18 December 2013


For the past three months the Arab Institute, grade 11, have been busy doing many activities to practise their English. Recently they have been learning ways to improve their CVs and preparing for job interviews, in English, for University. Some of the students have also contributed to writing for the annual CADFA newsletter. Grade 11 took centre stage at break time in a rival football match between the Science and Humanities class. Also, a few weeks ago, one of the students offered to take me and Robert, the new volunteer in Abu Dis, around Jerusalem for the day, which we really enjoyed. Today the class were introduced to Lawson, one of the new volunteers here.

More recently Abu Dis has been affected by storm Alexa which has brought heavy snow and rain to many parts of Palestine. For at least 3 days the roads have been closed because they are dangerous or blocked with snow. Ramallah had at least half a metre of snow and the bus station there has been closed. I got stuck in Azuun, a town near Qualqelia because there were no buses back to Abu Dis meaning I missed my class at the Arab Institute.

Unfortunately it is not long until I pack my bags and head back to Britain. 3 months in Palestine has gone very quickly and I have really enjoyed teaching at the Arab Institute. The staff have been very welcoming and have given me a great experience, and the students are full of ideas and are very talented in lots of subjects, including speaking English. I hope you can welcome the new volunteers to your school and continue to improve links between the UK and Palestine.

Grade 11 say goodbye

The view from Arab Institute

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