Saturday 15 December 2012

Student profiles and drugs in Palestine

Grade 9 had a great time preparing profiles.  We practiced vocabulary and had them discuss personality traits in pairs - at the end some pairs came and told the rest of the class about their partners.  They then wrote about their hopes and dreams as well as hobbies so Acland Burghley students will know more about their twinning partners.  The lesson flew by so fast that we didn't get a chance to take profile photographs but we will be doing them next week!

With Grade 11 we discussed the issue of drugs in Palestine and how the occupation is encouraging Palestinians to take drugs.  The students read the following article about drugs in Silwan, a Palestinian neighbourhood in Jerusalem under threat of demolition to build the City of David Park:
We discussed the main points of the article; the reasons for people to take and sell drugs and their opinions on it; whether the problem can be found all across the West Bank and 48 or is Silwan a rare case; what they think the future will bring.  Interestingly, despite understanding people's reasons for selling drugs, many felt that dealers were being selfish as they put themselves before the Palestinian community and the struggle against the occupation.  They predicted that the problem will get worse in the future, with more drug-related deaths and suggest educating people about the detrimental effect of the drugs is one way to combat it.  The session gave us, and the students, lots of food for thought.

Next week is our last week here.  We can't believe how quickly the time has gone!  We will be posting all the work done here after then; it'll be something for the Acland Burghley students to look forward to in the new year!

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