Wednesday 13 February 2013

Group 6's first week at the Arab Institute

Group 6 (Jelena and Charlotte) have finished their first week of teaching at the Arab Institute.  It was really great to meet all the wonderful students at the institute, consisting of Grade 9 & 11.   We look forward to the weeks ahead.

Grade 9 

Today in the class we discussed the positives and negatives of social networking. This resulted in a debate at the end of the class. One group argued for the positives and the other the negatives and they came up with lots of interesting ideas. Below are some of their views:

Meeting new people and making connections
Wasting time
Easier/faster to communicate
Getting to know more about different cultures
Bad for your health e.g. eyesight
Access to current news
Meeting bad people
Shopping online
Reading bad things, blogs etc
Learning e.g. homework, languages, Google translate
Addictive/bad habit e.g. on Facebook all of the time
Using GPS, Google maps
Watching football matches, moves and games entertainment
Some people use fake I.D on the internet
To find jobs
Content not suitable for children
To improve twinning links!
Gambling websites
Listening to music
You may come across wrong information/websites may not be reliable.

They really enjoyed this lesson and topic and they all participated well in there groups. 

Grade 9 debating their views on Social Networking

Grade 11

In class today, we introduced Human Rights as a topic. First we showed them a video about ‘The Story of Human Rights’, then they worked in groups to order which human rights are most important to them. We took articles 1-15 from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and they chose seven and presented them to the rest of the class. The groups tended to find the following rights particularly important:

The right to life                                                       We are all born free and equal
The right to nationality                                          No torture
No slavery                                                                Your human rights are protected by law
Freedom to move

Below are some photographs of the classes work and them presenting their ideas to everyone.

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