Thursday 28 February 2013

Grade 11's work about Prisoners

It is interesting to see that students from Acland Burghley have been discussing the prisoners situation in their film club, as Grade 11 students at the Arab Institute have also been producing some work about the same issue.

The prisoner situation in Palestine currently has become a very prominent issue with the recent death of Arafat Jadarat and the continuing case of Samer Issawi who is in his seventh month of hunger strike. 

Last week we discussed types of peaceful protest against violations of human rights and the follow up session involved them producing some creative pieces about political prisoners and hunger strikers. They produced a variety of work from posters, to cartoons and poems. Their work speaks for itself.

Poems about Prisoners 
Maybe I’m gonna die
But one day I’ll be able to fly
I’ll be in the history
And I’ll have my own melody

One day I’ll be free
And I’ll be banging on my chest
I’ll be breaking rocks
And maybe I’ll rule the world

And as long as we’re aiming for freedom
We could be starving and we could be homeless
But one day we’ll be free
We could be starving and we could be homeless
But one day we’ll be free.

Behind the prison columns there is a man
Trying to stay as strong as he can
He wants to have it since he came
He wants to be free like the others
He doesn’t care about the price, it doesn’t matter
He wants to see his mother and father
He wants to get out and scream
And nobody knows how that feels

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